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Working with DevOps teams: modern ERP requires modern delivery

Modern ERP requires modern delivery. What do we mean by this? We see that cloud-based ERP applications, such as Dynamics 365, are constantly changing. That means that the IT landscape is never ‘finished’. Back in the day, companies would carry out an ERP update or ERP implementation once every 7 to 10 years. Nowadays, cloud applications are updated monthly. This requires a new approach to project management, managed services and upgrades. In this blog, we focus on DevOps: a way of working with teams consisting of experts, where projects and management go hand in hand.

Agile working in practice

In modernising the IT platform, including ERP applications, many companies struggle with the fact that the design and the requirements are subject to change during the project. And the technology will continue to innovate. So then, how do you manage time and budget and when is an application ready to go live?

To meet these needs, we often choose for an agile way of working. Not only for implementing new applications, but also in the way we handle the management and upgrading of solutions. In doing so, we think in cycles: testing, rejecting, improving, testing and so on.