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The increasing need for Global Services

The increasing need for Global Services: Helping multinational organizations digitally transform and thrive in a global economy

When it comes to doing business, the world is shrinking fast. Especially after 2020 and 2021, companies that might have in the past only operated in one country or even one region, province, state, or territory are finding themselves doing business or managing operations at a global level. With that comes the need to digitally transform to support a global business … as well as finding reliable, expert support for that transformational technology.

As one of the largest global partners dedicated to providing solutions for businesses by leveraging Microsoft technology, HSO has been offering global services for many years. Recently, we’ve seen that the demand for those services has increased dramatically and that the types of services being requested have changed, which is why we he have further expanded or offices and services extending them throughout the world.

An industry veteran with passion

We are pleased to welcome Prabhat Nagaraj to the team as Managing Director, HSO India and Philippines, to expand HSO’s Global Service Centers in those geographies, including adding four new offices where Microsoft also has a strong presence.

While he has extensive experience in building global teams and is a seasoned veteran who has worked with Microsoft technologies for 17 years, Prabhat has additional experience and qualities that make him the ideal choice to take on aggressive growth and transformation goals.

From early on, Prabhat was recognized for his ability to get things done, especially on a large scale. He has run the industry practices for global software companies, focusing on bringing large projects to completion and headed up Microsoft Dynamics teams for global partners, which included opening offices in India, Europe, and the Philippines.

During that time, Prabhat was able to see up close how North America and Europe utilize and interact with India and the Philippines, then take that knowledge and determine how best to bring global services into projects to deliver the best possible client experience. This, he found, requires changes in how projects are implemented and priced, as well as the communication platform and how consultants work with one another across time zones.