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Is you your infrastructure optimized for the period after COVID-19?

From one day to the next, the global COVID-19 outbreak forced the world to work from home. At lightning speed, companies launched all kinds of tools to make this possible. As a result, working from home is now common practice, but has this been configured optimally for long term? Many large organizations still rely partly on their old infrastructure. So why not put a new IT foundation in place to help you make the most of innovative technology? Give your employees the latest tools and the freedom to work when and where they want and unleash your full potential!

The path to the modern workplace

In an ideal world, you have access to all your files and apps anytime, anywhere. You can update your weekly reports at your convenience. Need to record or update all kinds of data? You can do this whenever it suits you, whether at home, in the office or at a client’s premises. In the real world though, things are often not that well organized, yet: for some important tasks, we actually still need to go to the office.

Imprisoned by technology

In general, collaboration is already quite well organized. Using a variety of tools in the cloud, we write and access documents together and have efficient video meetings. Several business applications are already located in the cloud but the IT infrastructure remains divided between two possibilities: on-premises and in the cloud. Preventing you from reaching your full potential.