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Join our global team and help digitally transform global businesses.

Why join

Join a global team with over 30 years expertise

At HSO one of our differentiators is our people. When you join us, you will be part of a team of smart, engaging, customer-centric professionals who understand that our success depends on the success of the customers we serve.

You will be given the opportunity to grow and take on new challenges, and to balance personal life with professional growth in an environment that rewards creativity and problem solving.

Our teams

Individually brilliant, collectively awesome

When you join HSO, you will have a genuine sense of empowerment because your contribution will really make a difference. We believe that talented people, all focused on a shared and powerful vision, can achieve outstanding results.

Our Culture

We have a reasonably flat structure, so everyone has access to the top levels with ideas and innovations; how we can do things better, faster and in a more efficient way.

We are fully committed to our employees’ health & wellbeing. In addition to private Vitality healthcare and dental cover we run a wellbeing programme with Tonic and offer employee assistance through Care First.

We’re among the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide. When you join HSO, you’ll be working with cutting edge technology.

We regularly come together for company wide meetings so that everyone knows how the business is doing and where we are headed. These are followed by a night out to spend time in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We encourage ideas and pro-active thinking. So if you have suggestions on how things can improve, your voice will be heard.

Each year we pick two charities to support and put together a schedule of to raise money throughout the year.

We understand people have personal lives. We offer part-time and flexible working, job sharing and competitive maternity and paternity leave.

Our Values


We encourage employees to take initatives, to explore and try various options

Customer Foucused

We are actively researching the needs of the customer and are working those. We focus at our customer without losing HSO’s interest out of sight

Results Oriented

We achieve desired results through measurable actions. If we cannot fulfill commitments we report this timely and offer an acceptable alternatives


We provide an environment in which we are aware of and respect each other. We are actively engaged in helping each other and work together towards a common goal


We want to be known as an above average player. We are not satisfied with a 7 out of 10

Quality Driven

We want to perform a good job, measure it and take action to prevent errors. We assess assignments we have taken over from another. We aim for high customer satisfaction and continuity


This is why I work for HSO

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